Check out our review… the best Rooftop Tent option for us!

A ROOFTOP  TENT is the perfect option for those who are heading off around Australia on an extended 4WD trip. More expensive than a tent but cheaper than a camper trailer a roof-top tent makes sense for intrepid travellers visiting remote locations.

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From the pearling capital of Australia to the Iron Awe of the Pilbara…

The Pilbara is a region people identify with remoteness, mining and great expanses of land – and they are not wrong.
Fringing some of the harshest country we had been in, it was as good a place as any for a mine; and there are plenty of them… but then we were travelling in the biggest state of Australia and one of the world’s last great wilderness areas with fewer people per square kilometre than almost anywhere else on the planet!

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