Part 3 – Crossing the Murray… to the land where unique Sturt Desert Peas bloom in the dark red soils of the NSW Outback!

Stories have been told that the road to Broken Hill is where the big red roos jump two hundred kilometres in a night chasing a thunderstorm, and the unique Sturt Desert Peas bloom in dark red soils…

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PART 2 – Heading for the NSW border..

The Wimmera country we were travelling through was flat and made up of millions of hectares of wheat farms as far as the eye could see. Only the beautiful Grampians mountain range interrupt this terrain… but we had left the Grampians behind as we headed north towards the NSW border.
It was deeply moving as the wind raced across the ancient salt lake plain carrying the whispers of  thousands of years of the tribal generations past… and I am still deeply fascinated by Mungo and its secrets! It is a surprisingly beautiful and a very special place to see! 

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