The Territory is calling…

The Northern Territory is more than just an outback adventure!

It is a land of beauty with iconic geographical landscapes, gorges, dense rainforests, vivid blue seas, beautiful swimming holes and hot springs and 4WD tracks…. all worthy of a snap at every turn and just begging to be loaded on your Instagram and Facebook feed.

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Boodjamulla National Park (Lawn Hill)…

If you’ve never heard of Boodjamulla (Lawn Hill) National Park then you are not alone… we hadn’t either until our last trip to the ‘Gulf Country’ a couple of years back!

This hidden gem, once part of Lawn Hill Station, is a lush magical oasis in the midst of an inhospitable landscape, and was another delightful find on our Aussie road trip.

Come with us to this hidden jewel in the north west of Queensland… it truly is a magnificent part of our world with its rich history shaped first by the Aboriginals who wove their stories of dreamtime across the landscapes.

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