Distances are long, towns are few and far between. this is dinosaur country, Waltzing Matilda country, Qantas country and THE LAND WHERE ICONIC AUSTRALIAN STORIES WERE BORN – this is ‘Outback Queensland’ at its best!

The region is brimming with history and tiny towns just begging to be discovered.

Come with us on a journey through the towns of Outback Queensland… each with a unique and wonderous story to tell.

This big, beautiful country will take a lifetime to explore in full, but these unsung towns should be on every wanderer’s radar as they make their way north, south, east or west!

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Sand dunes, salt bushes… and the mighty Simpson Desert!

Dream big and plan your next adventure close to home…

Crossing the Simpson and cresting the legendary sand ridge of Big Red has been high on our ‘really-want-to-do-that list’ since our last visit to Birdsville.

This is a trip where you tick off landmarks, not attractions – the hot mineral waters of Dalhousie Springs and Purni Bore, The Lone Gum, the obligatory photo to mark the meeting of three states at Poeppel Corner, salt lakes, the boggy Eyre Creek, and last but not least the highest dune at 30 metres and the last of more than 1100 – ‘Big Red’.

NOW is the time to explore their own backyard… so sit back and relax in your armchair and come on another incredible journey with us!

From Alice to Australia’s most remote pub… Mt Dare!

Linking the Northern Territory’s Alice Springs with Mt Dare Hotel in South Australia’s Witjira National Park, the Old Andado Track, now known as the Binns Track is a minor dirt road through the western fringe of one of the world’s great sand ridge deserts, namely the Simpson.

This 438-kilometre track from Alice Springs via Santa Teresa and Old Andado Homestead took us a bit over 7-hours and was certainly a good introduction of what to expect on the Simpson Desert.

A town called Alice…

We all know this title has probably been used dozens of times before as a heading, but I just couldn’t resist using it again… and be warned ‘don’t call this city in the outback ‘The Alice’… it’s ‘Alice’ or ‘Alice Springs’ as we were told by many locals!

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