Epic journeys to come…

I’m a bit slow catching up with my blogs at the moment…. our days over the past months have been long and exciting so please don’t go away as I have some incredible adventures to share with you as soon as I find time to link into wifi and sit at my computer.

I am sitting on a sand dune in the middle of the Simpson Desert at the moment with a note pad on my lap and a fly net over my head.

It seems such a long time since we left Rocky and from there we have travelled the Atherton Tableland, part of Cape York (again), visited Laura and negotiated Battlecamp and Bloomfield Tracks to Cooktown.

We had an exciting trek across the Bourke Development Road to Karumba from Chillagoe, and from Karumba we made our way west to Bourketown, down to Gregory River, Adeles Grove, Boodjamulla (Lawn Hill) National Park, Riversleigh, Camooweal and then north to Darwin via Nitmiluk (Katherine) Gorge and Edith Falls in the Nitmiluk National Park and the challenging Reynolds Track through to Litchfield National Park.

Darwin has always been a favourite destination of ours and after a few days of catching up with friends we were on the road again… this time heading west to the Bungle Bungles via Lake Argyle and Kununarra.

Halls Creek just down the road was the start of the Tanami Track and our next off road trek with the end destination a couple of days later, beautiful Alice Springs.

After a few days break in Alice Springs where we restocked on fuel and supplies we then headed to Mt Dare in South Australia via the Binns Track.

We finally arrived at Mt Dare after negoitating a 40-kilometre stretch of track with some very long sections of bulldust and deep ruts. Fine dust spewed out from under our wheels and rolled over our windscreen as we bumped from one deep rut to another struggling to keep Harry Hilux in a straight line.

Next came our epic journey across the famous Simpson Desert… 1100 sand dunes to cross and a distance of around 620 -kilometres to reach Birdsville.

Before long the sand ridges of the Simpson Desert began to appear.

Crossing the Simpson Desert was a unique experience, the landscape breathtaking and the challenge exciting.

My thoughts are wandering as I sit on the last dune and look around, enjoying a peaceful and precious moment and the beauty of the landscape I am sitting in!

This is the life we love… ending our adventurous days watching the colours of the sky change as evening falls, sitting around a blazing campfire and watching the flames dance around a boiling billy then dreaming away in our rooftop tent under a sky full of stars.

Come join us on an Aussie adventure and experience some of the most challenging outback 4WD tracks this ‘land down under’ has to offer… I guarantee you will have the time of your life!

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