The Blue Mountains drive…

The Blue Mountains is a rugged region west of Sydney known for its dramatic scenery, steep cliffs, eucalyptus forests, waterfalls and quaint villages, picturesque valleys, famouse caves, Botanic Gardens, bushwalking trails, scenic railways…. and the storied Three Sisters sandstone rock formations.

If you’re travelling Australia and have a spare couple days, visiting the Blue Mountains is an absolute must. It’s one of our favourite places and whilst we’d advise spending a couple of days exploring if you can… it is very easy to visit on a day trip from Sydney, which would be just a taster to have you coming back time and time again!

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Discover Sydney and its surrounds…

We have discovered wonderful places on our visits to Sydney over the years… from sun-kissed beaches to fascinating heritage and amazing attractions.

This city fans out from beautiful Sydney Harbour to Bondi Beach in the south east, Palm Beach in the north and fun adventures in the west.

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The journey from Hawks Nest and the Tea Gardens to Sydney may only be a hop, step and a jump down the road… but if you take the side trip there’s so much to see and do!

With so many wondrous landmarks to see it can be difficult knowing where to visit… but the east coast of Australia is a must-do when you’re planning your next ‘down under’ trip.
We could easily have exited the road from Barrington Tops and driven the Pacific Highway straight through to the Northern Beaches of Sydney only admiring the peaks of the Great Dividing Range in the distance… but instead we left motorway and headed to the beautiful National Parks, stunning beaches and quaint little communities that would otherwise have been bypassed.
Come with us as we explore the Myall Lakes and Central Coast region… some of your most memorable experiences await on the backroads of this coastline!

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Our home may be small, but we live in one very big backyard …

‘The Tops’ is a place of natural wonders – lush national parks and state forests, bushrangers, charming historic country towns and undiscovered adventures… so pack up the tent or camper trailer- it’s time to discover the magic of Barrington Tops and its surrounds!

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From Australia’s favourite playground to the legendary Pacific Coast… come on a journey with us from the GOLD COAST to Diamond Head in The fabulous Crowdy Bay National Park

A road trip to us isn’t about the destination but about discovering hidden gems and making memories along the way.
Come on another journey with us and we’ll take you to some of our favourite stops as we drift through peaceful seaside towns full of charisma, authentic Australian culture and soothing waterways bordered by kilometres of cane fields.
From the hinterland to the beach with everything in between, these stops between the Gold Coast and Diamond Head are not to be missed… and hopefully will help to make your next northern NSW coastal road trip as unforgettable as ours!

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DISCOVER a piece of PARADISE! THE SUNSHINE COAST HINTERLAND is The perfect place to pull on your walking boots and grab your camera…

It may not be one of Australia’s most renowned regions, but Queensland’s Sunshine Coast Hinterland is certainly Mother Nature’s playground and a place to escape the hustle and bustle of the busy coast and city life.
Treat yourself to the sanctuary of the beautiful towns intertwined with mountains, lakes, waterfalls, and forests… it truly is a beautiful place to be – and the fact its off the beaten track only adds to its allure.

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DISCOVER a piece of PARADISE! THE SUNSHINE COAST HINTERLAND is The perfect place to pull on your walking boots and grab your camera…

It may not be one of Australia’s most renowned regions, but Queensland’s Sunshine Coast Hinterland is certainly Mother Nature’s playground and a place to escape the hustle and bustle of the busy coast and city life.
Treat yourself to the sanctuary of the beautiful towns intertwined with mountains, lakes, waterfalls, and forests… it truly is a beautiful place to be – and the fact its off the beaten track only adds to its allure.

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The sand and salt will wash away…. but memories of our ‘Great Beach Highway’ journey will last forever!

Come with us as we cruise the majestic sweep of Cooloola Recreation Area’s Teewah Beach in the Great Sandy National Park to Noosa North Shore – the last stretch of our ‘Great Beach Highway’ journey!

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Welcome to paradise – Fraser Island K’gari

With its wild untamed beaches, towering old-growth forests, crystal-clear freshwater lakes, and bountiful wildlife – including its most famous resident, the dingo, this beautiful heritage-listed island of sand will be one of the most exciting wilderness adventures you’ll ever experience!

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Come take a drive and see for yourself what the vibrant and colourful Banana shire region has to offer.

Come with us and discover more hidden treasures as we head south along the Great Dividing Range.
Sweeping vistas, seasonal produce, stunning National Parks and a sprinkling of remote towns… this is our beautiful backyard!

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Distances are long, towns are few and far between. This is dinosaur country, Waltzing Matilda country, Qantas country and THE LAND WHERE ICONIC AUSTRALIAN STORIES WERE BORN – this is ‘Outback Queensland’ at its best!

The region is brimming with history and tiny towns just begging to be discovered.

Come with us on a journey through the towns of Outback Queensland… each with a unique and wonderous story to tell.

This big, beautiful country will take a lifetime to explore in full, but these unsung towns should be on every wanderer’s radar as they make their way north, south, east or west!

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Birdsville… where the dust never settles!

The hype of the Birdsville Races over the last couple of days was just an end reward for a cross-country journey across the Simpson that left us feeling so in touch with the land… and by now we had even become accustomed to be being covered with flies!

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Sand dunes, salt bushes… and the mighty Simpson Desert!

Dream big and plan your next adventure close to home…

Crossing the Simpson and cresting the legendary sand ridge of Big Red has been high on our ‘really-want-to-do-that list’ since our last visit to Birdsville.

This is a trip where you tick off landmarks, not attractions – the hot mineral waters of Dalhousie Springs and Purni Bore, The Lone Gum, the obligatory photo to mark the meeting of three states at Poeppel Corner, salt lakes, the boggy Eyre Creek, and last but not least the highest dune at 30 metres and the last of more than 1100 – ‘Big Red’.

NOW is the time to explore their own backyard… so sit back and relax in your armchair and come on another incredible journey with us!

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From Alice to Australia’s most remote pub… Mt Dare!

Linking the Northern Territory’s Alice Springs with Mt Dare Hotel in South Australia’s Witjira National Park, the Old Andado Track, now known as the Binns Track is a minor dirt road through the western fringe of one of the world’s great sand ridge deserts, namely the Simpson.

This 438-kilometre track from Alice Springs via Santa Teresa and Old Andado Homestead took us a bit over 7-hours and was certainly a good introduction of what to expect on the Simpson Desert.

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A town called Alice…

We all know this title has probably been used dozens of times before as a heading, but I just couldn’t resist using it again… and be warned ‘don’t call this city in the outback ‘The Alice’… it’s ‘Alice’ or ‘Alice Springs’ as we were told by many locals!

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Surviving the Tanami…

With the ‘Simpson Desert’ on the top of our ‘to-do-list’ we decided the shortest route to Alice Springs from Halls Creek was via another iconic Aussie 4WD track – the Tanami.

This less travelled track crosses the north-eastern corner of the Tanami Desert and carves a 1100-kilometre rugged path through flat, lifeless, and featureless desert from Halls Creek to Alice Springs.

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The shire of ‘halls creek’… the heart of gold!

This is very much an indigenous township with a strong cultural heritage of long occupation by the Jaru, Kija, Kukatja, Walmajarri, Gooniyandi Aboriginal people who still live in and around the small town and is said to be land crossed by many song-lines and trading paths stretching from the coast to the desert.

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The Magic of the Bungle Bungles…

Purnululu Bungle Bungle National was high on our list of places to revisit when we decided to come back to the Kimberley…

It really is a beautiful part of the world and a place you really must see for yourself to appreciate. It’s sacred, special and beautiful… and the perfect destination for those looking to get off the beaten track in Australia.

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The harsh beauty of the wild and untamed Kimberley… culture, history, nature and so much more!

Impenetrable coastline, unforgiving deserts, vast boab-studded spinifex plains and desolate ranges.

This wild, remote land of spectacular scenery that spreads over huge distances is Australia’s last frontier.

If you are looking for an adventure and want to experience the real outback, then join us on our road trip and enjoy the wonders of the Kimberley!

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the long road through the heart of the Northern Territory…

For the chance to see nature at its grandest you really need to put the Northern Territory at the top of your to do list… it’s certainly worth spending some time here.

Don’t give up on your caravanning and camping plans just yet!

Once this whole covid crisis is over you will be just itching to get back out on the road… so start planning your next road trip from your camp chair!

Check out our travel blogs, create a bucket list and keep your road tripping travel dreams alive!

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Leaving Darwin…

After almost a week of carvan park camping we were pretty excited to be back on the road taking in the scenery of the ‘Top End’ once again.

With Katherine and the turnoff to Western Australia ‘just down the road’ (a mere 316-kilometre journey ahead of us), we decided to take our time and stay a night or two along the way just to check out the many sights and attractions close to the highway!

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From an outpost to a city and 150 years of history… come with us as we explore Darwin.

This small tropical city has taken quite a battering over the last 150 or so years; first by the Japanese air force during the Second World War and later by Cyclone Tracy in 1974, which took 65 lives and devastated the city.
Come with us to the beautiful city of markets and beautiful sunsets where no one moves too fast in the heat or have a worry in the world… and usually finish a sentence with – ‘no worries mate!’

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Termites mounds, waterfalls, historic sites, a lost city and a couple more nights in the wilderness of Litchfield National Park…

Kangaroos, goannas and a variety of birds all call this place home, but unlike Florence Falls, the real king in these parts is the fresh water croc… and apparently there’s one here that likes to nibble on backpackers… or so I am told.

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Off the beaten track… join us on the Reynolds 4WD Track where the water falls and water holes just get better!

With this period of uncertainty and the prospect of long days at home for so many people, treat yourself to some reading respite and log on to
We haven’t been everywhere, but we have lots to share and we want to inspire other people who are planning their own lap around Australia…
… so start dreaming of your ultimate road trip.
Map your route and start planning your next big Aussie adventure for 2021. Now more than ever Australian communities are struggling due to the Corona Virus and the impact of summer bushfires… and we need you to secure your rooftop tent, pitch your tent, hitch up your van or jump in your camper and come on a camping holiday!
Hit the road and get out there… you never know what you will discover along the way!
Stay safe everyone and happy reading!

The Reynolds Track might be a short track of 44-kilometres, but we spent 3 very enjoyable days on an interesting and sometimes challenging track visiting some beautiful and less frequented waterfalls and camping at some beautiful campgrounds in a relatively unspoilt National Park.

This is one of our favoured destinations on the ‘Top End’ and as for the waterfalls and their swimming holes… well they just get better and better.

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The ‘Top End’ beckons… come with us as we explore Katherine, Nitmiluk National Park (Katherine Gorge, Edith Falls and Pine Creek.

We have found some wonderful places on our travels that we continue to return to, and many more that continue to surprise us… but that’s what this country does best!

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The Territory is calling…

The Northern Territory is more than just an outback adventure!

It is a land of beauty with iconic geographical landscapes, gorges, dense rainforests, vivid blue seas, beautiful swimming holes and hot springs and 4WD tracks…. all worthy of a snap at every turn and just begging to be loaded on your Instagram and Facebook feed.

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Come on another adventure with us through a land full of surprises…. the road to Camooweal!

With over 100-kilometres of dirt road and a few hours of driving ahead us (or more given my inclination to stop and take photos), we left Miyumba Bush Campground in the Boodjamulla (Lawn Hill) National Park and headed south toward Camooweal from where we planned to head west and cross the border into the Northern Territory.

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Boodjamulla National Park (Lawn Hill)…

If you’ve never heard of Boodjamulla (Lawn Hill) National Park then you are not alone… we hadn’t either until our last trip to the ‘Gulf Country’ a couple of years back!

This hidden gem, once part of Lawn Hill Station, is a lush magical oasis in the midst of an inhospitable landscape, and was another delightful find on our Aussie road trip.

Come with us to this hidden jewel in the north west of Queensland… it truly is a magnificent part of our world with its rich history shaped first by the Aboriginals who wove their stories of dreamtime across the landscapes.

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Top 10 Australian Camping Blogs And Websites in 2019

9. Tassie Snowbirds | Let’s go on a Aussie camping adventure! Tassie Snowbirds features articles on Australian travel and camping. Blog  Check out – The Best Australian

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Come with us to a magical outback oasis… Adels Grove is hidden deep in Queensland’s Savannah Country!

We didn’t have to travel to a galaxy far, far away to discover the Milky Way or the Southern Cross out here… this Outack sky was certainly impressive! 
Under the starry skies, we drifted off to sleep to the hypnotic sound of nature, dreaming of what awaited us the next day.

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Wild, remote and full of beauty… come with us and spend a few days relaxing on the Gregory River!

his incredible Gulf country continued to surprise us and Gregory was no exception. It is an amazing place of dry, dusty, cracked earth devoid of water and food for the many creatures that live off this land… but when we descended into the rocky river bed of the Gregory River there was nothing but a tropical oasis of Pandanus and River Gums.

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The Outback, the Ocean and the High Country…

Please don’t go away…

We have been in some of the most beautiful parts of Australia, harsh and full of surprises and it has been just one epic adventure after another.

There are so many incredible stories to come over the next couple of months… but we have just been so busy enjoying ourselves I have unfortunatley neglected my blogs!

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From the ocean to the outback – Karumba to the Gregory River…

As evening fell everything quietened down and a chilly breeze rose causing us to huddled around the comforting warmth of our blazing campfire then as the nocturnal fauna slowly awakened, we snuggled down in our rooftop tent with our dog-eared books to read and listen to the soothing sound of the waterfall and dream away the night under a sky full of stars.

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Caution… unsealed road for next 560-kilometres – Come with us on a journey across the Burke Development Road

The Burke Development Road is an isolated section of road with nothing but properties, no campgrounds or camping, no toilets and no shops or fuel… just 560-kilometres of bulldust, corrugations and magnificent Cape York scenery.

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Following in the footsteps of ghosts of the past… our next journey takes us along the ‘Wheelbarrow Way’ to Chillagoe.

We felt privileged to follow in the footsteps of ghosts of the past who forged their way over this rugged land… miners in search of gold, wearily wheeling their barrows full of their worldly possessions and Cameleers who trudged behind their camel teams.

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The national parks, beautiful waterholes and beaches, and a sprinkle of the unknown on this journey certainly turned it into another amazing Aussie adventure and although not quite off the beaten track as we would like, it is certainly a coastline worth exploring.

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The Legendary Pacific Coast… the iconic east coast road trip from Sydney to Brisbane.

The iconic east coast road trip from Sydney to Brisbane we were about to undertake, is known as the Legendary Pacific Coast, and is one of Australia’s top road trips.
Stretching 900-kilometres along the Pacific Coast, it takes in the Central Coast, Hunter, Mid North Coast and Northern Rivers, and has something for everyone around every turn… beautiful beaches, green rolling hills, beachside towns, riverside towns, wineries, historic sites and hinterland.

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The ‘bones of nature laid bare’… the Central Flinders Ranges…

The vibrant colours that changed with the light, the natural amphitheatre of Wilpena Pound, the rocky mountain ranges, craggy outcrops and ancient cliffs are all part of this majestic Flinders Ranges National Park, or ‘Ikara’ as it is known to the Adnyamathanha people, the traditional owners of this land – ‘Ikara’ meaning ‘Meeting Place’.

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Heading for the Flinders Ranges…

Come with us and let us take you on a journey through the small villages of the Southern Flinders Ranges of South Australia to the beautiful touristy towns of Burra and Peterborough… and other towns that time seems to have forgotten – then be amazed at the awe-inspiring scenery of the magnificent ranges as we near Hawker to explore Wilpena Pound and the Central Flinders Ranges.

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Our Murray River journey continues…

Our ‘Mighty Murray Drive’ is over and we have had one amazing time.
There is certainly something special about ‘The Mighty Murray’- the beautiful ‘River Red Gums’, the friendly people, the gorgeous river towns dotted along the way, and so many amazing free river camps.
I really hope you have enjoyed our journey as much as we did…we can’t recommend this drive enough!

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Come with us as we wander through the River Red Gum forests and splash around on the sandy river beaches of the ‘Mighty Murray River’!

The mighty and ancient Murray River has shown us her many colours and moods as we have followed her west to Echuca but our journey does not end here.

Come with us as we journey along the banks of Australia’s longest river and explore and experience its lasting beauty.

Even in drought this mighty river still has a graceful magic about it as it flows into South Australia on its path to the ocean.

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This was ‘Bushranger country – an area where, in the late 1800s, infamous outlaws took shelter because of the denseness of the woodland and the difficulty for authorities to traverse the hilly terrain.

Ned Kelly had strong links to the region and Harry Powers made his hide out in the surrounding hills.

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ON THE ROAD AGAIN… our next adventure begins as we head to the Victorian High Country!

If you are looking for somewhere to visit in Victoria, the Victorian High Country is up there with the best;  the 4WDing was exciting yet not too extreme, the free camping was amazing, the creeks were crystal clear, there was plenty of firewood for campfires, and there was something to see at every turn… be it a breathtaking view or an historic hut.

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From Outback Birdsville to the white sands of the Gold Coast…

It was time to leave Outback Birdsville and head east, back to the white sandy beaches of the sunny Gold Coast and the beautiful surf beaches of Surfers Paradise and Coolangatta.
The next leg of our journey would take us through the little outback towns of south east Queensland – Betoota, Windorah, Quilpie, Charleville, Morven, Mitchell, Roma, Miles, Chinchilla, Dalby, Toowoomba, Warwick and lastly, Beaudesert.

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The Birdsville Track…

The legendary Birdsville Track is a journey I thoroughly recommend and like the Oodnadatta it was an easy outback track to drive.

Check out this part of the world. The Birdsville Track was tons of fun!

Stayed tuned for more adventures as we head from the desert to the coast.

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Oodnadatta Track…

The legendary Oodnadatta Track is an unsealed, 615-kilometre road between Marla on the Stuart Highway, and Marree in the northern Flinders Ranges and at the southern end of the Birdsville Track.

The track traces the route of the old Overland Telegraph Line and the Old Ghan Railway.

Along the way were remote settlements, lots of history, quirky desert sights and the enormous, Kati Thanda-Lake Eyre.

There were some creek crossings, a few rutted and flooded sections from the recent rain, mud, dust, heat and millions of flies but the landscape was beautiful and camping under the night sky with millions of stars was amazing.

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South of Alice – South Australia bound…

We left Alice hoping the rain gods had permanently headed north.

No one could tell us if the Oodnadatta and Birdsville Tracks had opened but with a clear forecast for a few days to come, we pointed Harry Hilux south and headed through Heavitree Gap then turned right at the sign which said ‘Adelaide’.

As Alice disappeared in the rear view mirror, we set course for our next big adventure.

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The long road north of Alice…

This blog records our adventure from a previous trip as we continued north of Alice Springs along the Stuart Highway.

We travelled through more of the unique outback towns of the Northern Territory as we followed the long straight road through to Kakadu, Darwin and Litchfield.

This was our second visit to the Top End, when only months earlier, we had exited from our more rugged crossing of the Gulf Savannah – another epic adventure on our recent Australian trip.

Join us at the crossroads and head north to Darwin… or east and read all about our Gulf Country experience. 

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The road to Alice Springs and the West and East MacDonnell Ranges…

As Alice disappeared in the rear view mirror, we set course for our next big adventure.

Travel north with us to Darwin… or stayed tuned as we head south for the Oodnadatta Track.

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We want the ‘world’ to see our blog… but more importantly what Australia has to offer!

Enjoy our travels!

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Australia’s Grand Canyon… Kings Canyon

The New Year brings a new journey for us… well not quite!

As we move into 2019 we are preparing for our next big trip to mainland Australia but for now I am flat out trying to piece together the final weeks of our incredible journey across the Australian Outback.

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Red rocks, red dust and the Red Centre… our journey into the heart of Australia!

As we drove away we felt very honoured to have experienced Uluru (Ayers Rock) and Kata Tjuta (The Olgas) once again… this place is just so spectacular and its magnificent natural beauty left us with a memory that will last a lifetime. It is something you can only appreciate from the experience of seeing!

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Crossing the iconic Great Central Road…

Our adventure is jam packed with more great stories as our journey takes us to Laverton then across the iconic but flooded Great Central Road that leads through the middle of the country to one of Australia’s most famous landmarks – Uluru.

Reflecting on our journey we felt very fortunate to have been able to travel this iconic road before it was sealed – so be sure to check out our blog… there are so many special places to visit along the way!

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From reef to rock… Ningaloo to Karijini National Park…

If you’ve never heard of Karijini you soon will once you start working your way up or down the coast of Western Australia! People as far away as Cape York were asking; ‘are you going to Karijini?’… and it didn’t take us long to work out it was a place not to be missed… so fill your life with adventure… pack the car, grab a map – we’re heading to the Pilbara again!

For all those people out there following our blog… don’t forget to follow us on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter!

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From Ore to Awe – immerse yourself in nature at its very best – Coral Bay, Cape Range National Park & Ningaloo

From ore to awe, this coast has it all… beautiful beaches, coral reefs, deep gorges and incredible sunsets where the rustic red and the beautiful blue of the the Indian Ocean flood the landscape! The coastal region of northern Western Australia was truly remarkable.

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Check out our review… the best Rooftop Tent option for us!

A ROOFTOP  TENT is the perfect option for those who are heading off around Australia on an extended 4WD trip. More expensive than a tent but cheaper than a camper trailer a roof-top tent makes sense for intrepid travellers visiting remote locations.

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From the pearling capital of Australia to the Iron Awe of the Pilbara…

The Pilbara is a region people identify with remoteness, mining and great expanses of land – and they are not wrong.
Fringing some of the harshest country we had been in, it was as good a place as any for a mine; and there are plenty of them… but then we were travelling in the biggest state of Australia and one of the world’s last great wilderness areas with fewer people per square kilometre than almost anywhere else on the planet!

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Broome… and our first glimpse of the Indian Ocean

Broome is a vibrant, beachy town at the base of Dampier Peninsular, surrounded by the aquamarine waters of the Indian Ocean and the creeks, mangroves and mudflats of Roebuck Bay. This is Yawuru country… and a town shaped by a romantic pearling history.

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You take the low road and we’ll take the high road… and we’ll meet you in Derby!

Having already travelled the long, dry and very hot road through the Aboriginal community of Warmun (Turkey Creek), the famous Bungle Bungles, Halls Creek and Fitzroy Crossing along the Great Northern Highway on a previous trip, I felt this journey through the Kimberley’s to the Indian Ocean was well worth a blog all of it’s own!

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Western Australia bound…

Camping in the wilderness can sometimes be a bit of a challenge, but the amazing experiences and sights more than make up for it and there’s nothing better than sitting around a campfire and seeing more stars than you thought existed or waking to the sight of the sun rising over the dry earth each morning.

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Top End… Darwin, Litchfield National Park, Reynolds Track, Adelaide River, Pine Creek… and back to Katherine!

Litchfield National Park is really beautiful and so different from Kakadu in so many ways. There were so many fabulous waterfalls and gorges to explore and it wasn’t hard to hop from one location, have a swim and then go onto the next.

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The Top End… Bitter Springs, Katherine, Edith Falls, Pine Creek, Kakadu & Darwin!

As we come out of the wilderness of endless miles of red dust, spinifex grass and grazing Brahman cattle allow us to take you on a little journey of some of the Top Ends more exquisite attractions, waterholes, waterfalls, floodplains… and a beautiful city perched on the tropical edge of Australia’s north coast! We are so in awe of this gorgeous country and it is a privilege to part of it!

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The Savannah Way can be completed by choosing a number of different routes but the track we have chosen to tackle over the next week or so will take us along the toughest route of all… 1350 kilometres of rugged outback tracks of bulldust, corrugations, water crossings and Aboriginal communities in the most isolated part of northern Queensland and the Northern Territory.

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Crossing the Savannah Way from east to west… our journey begins!

Over the next few months we will traverse three Australian states and territories, lots of national parks and true-blue Australian outback on our incredible drive from one side of the continent to the other.

This next step of this journey would take us across 1350 kilometres of gravel road through the Gulf Savannah, over rugged outback tracks and water crossings, through Aboriginal communities and into the Northern Territory as we pass though Burketown, Tirranna Roadhouse, Doomadgee, Hells Gate Road House, Borroloola, Limmen National Park, Lorella Springs, Roper Bar and then back onto the Stuart Highway at Mataranka.

We  love having you on our roadtrip… so be sure to follow more adventures via our blog page… 

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Shake, Rock ‘n’ Roll, out along the track…

Our journey to the Cape was coming to an end…we had been on a fantastic adventure! We loved the vast open spaces, the waterfalls and huge skies, the excitement of driving long stretches of dusty roads, rugged tracks, muddy water crossings and over rocky outcrops. There was something magical about sitting, listening to the world around us, reminiscing about the day just gone and planning for the day ahead… we had so much fun!

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Cape York… here we come!

This untouched piece of Australia is apparently very beautiful; magical, vast and rugged… but potentially very dangerous, and we knew it wasn’t a matter of simply pointing Harry Hilux north to the ‘Tip’… we would have to work at it!
Join us on our journey along the Old Telegraph Track, to Australia’s northern most Tip, Thursday Island and much, much more…

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Shake the sand off your beach towel and jump back in your car… we’re heading to Cooktown!

After 8 weeks on the road living out of our hilux and sleeping in the rooftop tent, it didn’t take us long to work out the most beautiful things in life are not ‘things’… they are people and places, memories and photos!

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Queensland – Rocky to Daintree Village … Don’t look back, we’re not going that way!

We had visited Ayr on a previous trip and stayed at the local caravan park. We were there for 2 nights, and both nights ‘Burdekin snow’ fell and each morning our car and tent were covered in ash… ash that came from the practice of burning the sugar cane prior to harvesting.

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Queensland – The Gold Coast to Rocky & beyond… come travel with us!

We have so much more to explore and so many more places to see and if my blogs exploring our beautiful island continent by road haven’t got you packing the car by now, then the journey north to Cairns, Port Douglas and Cape York and beyond will…

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Tasmania – join us on our Tassie Adventures…

No visit to Australia is complete without some time spent in the ‘land down under’!
Tasmania is Australia’s only state that is an island and is the perfect place for your next adventure.
Tassie is renowned for it’s laid-back pace, friendly people, apple orchards, vineyards and entertainment… but there is so much more to this beautiful state.It’s a great place to see a different side to the Australian landscape… so make sure you have Tasmania on your ‘Bucket List’.

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Part 3 – Crossing the Murray… to the land where unique Sturt Desert Peas bloom in the dark red soils of the NSW Outback!

Stories have been told that the road to Broken Hill is where the big red roos jump two hundred kilometres in a night chasing a thunderstorm, and the unique Sturt Desert Peas bloom in dark red soils…

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PART 2 – Heading for the NSW border..

The Wimmera country we were travelling through was flat and made up of millions of hectares of wheat farms as far as the eye could see. Only the beautiful Grampians mountain range interrupt this terrain… but we had left the Grampians behind as we headed north towards the NSW border.
It was deeply moving as the wind raced across the ancient salt lake plain carrying the whispers of  thousands of years of the tribal generations past… and I am still deeply fascinated by Mungo and its secrets! It is a surprisingly beautiful and a very special place to see! 

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Part 1 – Jump in your car and come travel Victoria’s western country…

The road to the Grampians via Bacchus Marsh, Ballarat, Beaufort, Ararat, Halls Gap & Horsham.

This land of ours is an amazing country and there is nothing stopping you from getting out there and exploring it… so jump in your car and come travel with us, we’re heading for the Grampians!

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Heading north

In a country characterised by long stretches of road, stopping at rest areas where picnic tables, rubbish bins and toilets are generally provided is a necessity for drivers and Victoria do a great job of looking after their travellers, they have some awesome rest stops.

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